11 March 2007

calling all brady braves ...

If you wish to be a brave Brady and want to receive your very own BradyBrave “Indian” name, then you need to join the Brady Brave Blogspot e-club.

Here's how:
1) First, say Brady Brave Blogspot five times as fast as you can. Master this tongue twisting feat so that you will not forget the name of this site.
2) Second, leave a comment/request for the bbb, and you just might receive an honorary “Indian” name, intended to be as frivolous and hokey as any episode of the Brady Bunch.
3) Third, please feel free to share with us any instances of or personal interactions/ confrontations with “redface.” For instance, does your high school or college have an “Indian” mascot? Did you play cowboys and “Indians”? Have you seen non-Natives fiscally profiting from their appropriation of Indigenous ways? Have any good “Cherokee princess” stories? Ever worn Liz Claiborne “Crazy Horse” clothing? Seen any “Indians” on TV lately (including in reruns)?
4) Fourth, feel free to invite other potential Brady Braves. With enough readers, the bbb can be a site for Brady Braves to gather 'round the fire and revel in redface resistance.

1 comment:

Cheryl aka Cat said...

Good stuff, D. Interesting how taking the real, distorting it into a twisted, amalgamated, altered quasi-simulation and then dispersing it widely can make the unreal, well, real in the minds of folks, ennit? Did that make any sort of sense whatsoever?