25 January 2008

playing comanche on cbs ...

fellow brady braves and other friends have been asking the bbb (i.e., bureau of brady braves) our reactions to cbs' recent (and from what we've seen and read, an ode to anti-"indian" hollywood westerns) miniseries Comanche Moon. well, we have it recorded but have been in no hurry (not to mention being very busy) to watch wes studi "play comanche" and to see adam beach kill and steal ... from the limited footage we've seen, it appears to be violence stacked upon violence with an extra dose of violence and little context on larger intercultural, historical relations ... for now, we do recommend that brady braves visit http://www.nativevue.org/blog/?p=776 and http://www.nativevue.org/blog/?cat=11 for perspectives on Comanche Moon.

once again, we're asking, "is this what cbs means by diversity?"

23 January 2008

Obama: Pro-"Indian" or Pro-"Indian" Player?

hey, brady braves ... following up from this bureau's recent blogosphere announcement of supporting Obama for prez, we see that the illinois senator spoke on u.s.-indigenous relations in nevada the other day ...

as stated at indianz.com, "At a campaign stop in Nevada, Manuel Couchum of the Te-Moak Tribe asked Obama what he would do to help tribal members. Obama said he would first address the "tragic history" between tribes and the U.S. "We have not always abided by treaties. We have not always been honest and truthful in our dealings and that's something that's history that we have to acknowledge if we are going to be fair and honest about moving forward," he said. Obama also said he the Bureau of Indian Affairs won't be the only entity that deals with tribes. He said the White House would create a relationship of "dignity and respect" with Indian Country. Finally, Obama said he would work to improve the health and welfare of Native Americans. He is a co-sponsor of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act that is being debated in the Senate this week [Sen. Dorgan, Dem from ND has been on CSPAN today speaking on the urgent, long, long-overdue need for "improvement"].

but earlier this month in new hampshire, Obama spoke the "r-word," that dehumanizing cousin of the "n-word," and hence the bureau's support has a footnote to include now (one which we feel could be corrected if Obama were to get educated on the "r-word/reds**n" ... Oglala Lakota journalist Tim Giago caught Obama's "r-word" reference:

"[D]uring the New Hampshire debates, a debate that saw the Republicans take the stage first, Obama was asked if he had been watching the Republican debate before he came on and he replied, “I was switching between it and the Redskins football game.” I use the “R-Word” here as a direct Obama quote and in this case the “R-Word” does not mean “Recession.” This lack of sensitivity resonated in Indian country. It made one wonder whether Obama ever considered the meaning of the word that is as hurtful and degrading to Native Americans as the “N-word” is to African Americans."

noting the recent media blasts at Sen. Clinton for saying that it took Lyndon Johnsons' approval/passing of the Civil Rights Act to help enact Dr. King's "dream," Giago later continues that"Sen. Obama should learn how Native Americans feel about the 'R-Word.' If he looks it up in the dictionary he will find that the word 'Redskin' is an insult to all Native Americans. Now where is the national mainstream media, a media so [quick] to jump all over the Clinton’s, when it comes to a Black presidential candidate demeaning Native Americans? Are racial insults reserved for African Americans only? Where is the Indian Al Sharpton?"

10 January 2008

who puts the "rez" in "prez"?

okay, brady braves ... it's (disappointingly) official: new mexico governor bill richardson has dropped out of the presidential race: "It is with great pride, understanding and acceptance that I am ending my campaign for President of the United States." ... here at the bbb/bureau of brady braves, we, like many native relatives, have been strong supporters of gov. richardson and now hope to see him as VP ... the bureau's support for prez shifts, for now, to senator obama but we also continue to consider sen. clinton ...

07 January 2008

"majority draw" and another "washo" spotting

hey, brady braves ... hope ya caught Comanche Boy's fight on espn2 last friday night. apparently, only one judge saw the fight, scoring the 4-rounder in favor of Tahdooahnippah. other two judges musta been watching something other than the match because they somehow ruled the fight a draw ... hence, a "majority draw" for the boxers, but Comanche Boy's still undefeated. (didn't hear one mention of "Comanche Nation" on Friday Night Fights. just kept hearing the taibo announcers playing with how to say "Tahdooahnippah.")

maybe those two "draw" judges were too busy watching their portable tvs with news highlights of gov. huckabee after those iowa republican primary results came in. and who was standing behind the governor, celebrating the iowa victory?? none other than walker "washo" texas ranger.

01 January 2008

Comanche Boy on ESPN2

happy new year, brady braves!
tune in to espn2 his friday night to watch a real comanche box numunuu style. according to campcrier.net, "George 'Comanche Boy' Tahdooahnippah's next fight is this Friday January 4th, 2008 at the Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino in Tulsa, OK. Tahdooahnippah 9-0 (8KO’s) will be facing his toughest opponent, James Cook 10-3 (7KO’s) from Springfield, MO."