07 January 2008

"majority draw" and another "washo" spotting

hey, brady braves ... hope ya caught Comanche Boy's fight on espn2 last friday night. apparently, only one judge saw the fight, scoring the 4-rounder in favor of Tahdooahnippah. other two judges musta been watching something other than the match because they somehow ruled the fight a draw ... hence, a "majority draw" for the boxers, but Comanche Boy's still undefeated. (didn't hear one mention of "Comanche Nation" on Friday Night Fights. just kept hearing the taibo announcers playing with how to say "Tahdooahnippah.")

maybe those two "draw" judges were too busy watching their portable tvs with news highlights of gov. huckabee after those iowa republican primary results came in. and who was standing behind the governor, celebrating the iowa victory?? none other than walker "washo" texas ranger.

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