25 January 2008

playing comanche on cbs ...

fellow brady braves and other friends have been asking the bbb (i.e., bureau of brady braves) our reactions to cbs' recent (and from what we've seen and read, an ode to anti-"indian" hollywood westerns) miniseries Comanche Moon. well, we have it recorded but have been in no hurry (not to mention being very busy) to watch wes studi "play comanche" and to see adam beach kill and steal ... from the limited footage we've seen, it appears to be violence stacked upon violence with an extra dose of violence and little context on larger intercultural, historical relations ... for now, we do recommend that brady braves visit http://www.nativevue.org/blog/?p=776 and http://www.nativevue.org/blog/?cat=11 for perspectives on Comanche Moon.

once again, we're asking, "is this what cbs means by diversity?"

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Rob said...

Check out my reviews of Comanche Moon also.