21 May 2007

Welch's "Indians"

According to http://theimaginaryworld.com/fod17.html, Welch's Grape Juice used to present the adventures of Pow and Wow, the "Woo Woo Indians," along with Foxy-Loxy, on its packaging. More images at the above site ...

The adventures of Pow 'n' Wow are in the Americana past, but some of today's Muscogee Creek and Cherokees in Oklahoma--real Indigenous Peoples, not caricatures--are apparently using Welch's grape juice for grape dumplings. As reported by Indian Country Today, though, "the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah said some Cherokee cooks continue to make their grape dumplings by gathering and cooking wild grapes, called 'possum grapes,' instead of grape juice." That's good to hear, not good saleswise for Welch's and Pow 'n' Wow, but good for Native folks.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

thanks for posting this, i had no idea these caricatures existed.

Most folks i know do use Welch's, mostly because 'possum grapes' are getting scarcer. But, i have found that farm stands/markets often sell locally grown concord grapes in summer, which work quite well. They can also be cooked down and frozen for later use. Just a tip ;)