09 April 2008

some of the week in review ...

the Lumbee Tribe held a press conference at the NC State Capitol: http://indianz.com/News/2008/008071.asp

3 on-air personalities suspended for 3 days (if doing the math, a brady bravin' avg of 1 day per person): http://www.robesonian.com/articles/2008/04/09/robesonian/news/radio%20remarks%20april9.txt

from Ed Brooks, Lumbee Attorney: "send emails to showgram@G105.com and carbon copy randiwest@clearchannel.com. Randi is the Production Manager for the station. She is responsible for the on air personalities. Be sure to [...] voice your displeasure with their comments, and that you will be submitting a formal complaint to the FCC. To submit a complaint to the FCC, simply log on to their website at http://www.lumbeetribe.com/Press%20Room/Chairman%20calls%20for%20firings.html. Complete the electronic complaint form."

Kiowas purchase Indian City U.S.A. in Anadarko: http://indianz.com/News/2008/008074.asp Looking to get the Made-in-China products out, the Native-made in.

Upcoming hearing on UND sorority party: http://indianz.com/News/2008/008079.asp

David Treuer (Ojibwe): "Going Native: Why do writers pretend to be Indians?" (March 2008) http://www.slate.com/id/2185856/

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