18 August 2008

Crowbama's Chosen 10

revealed today are brief bios of the 10 individuals who will join Sen.
[Cr]O[w]bama backstage at the upcoming DNC in Denver ... among them is an Indigene: Holly Miowak Stebing of Anchorage, Alaska ...

"Holly, a 20-year-old Alaska Native Inupiaq, is spending her summer break from Stanford University at the First Alaskans Organization interviewing native elders about their experiences with segregation. Holly is passionate about improving healthcare access for Native Americans, and protecting Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from drilling. The 2008 presidential election is Holly's first as a voter. She says: "This was the first campaign I felt I needed to support. I don't have a lot of money, but I donate what I can because I believe in [Barack]." She will attend the convention with her mother who is the first Native American woman to pass the Alaska bar." (this info courtesy of a personal email from Barack to me ... and a few other thousands ... and thousands ...)

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