09 October 2007

chris "clueless of columbus" berman

so, it's already october 9, brady bravers. continuing to be quiet in the blogosphere but busy elsewhere in life. had hoped to return strong to blogging, but don't give up on bradybraves.blogspot.com. perhaps middle buffalo and the other braves will get fired up soon and send out smoke signals as misguided as chris berman's comment last night on ESPN. the bob costas of ESPN, berman told viewers yesterday, "happy columbus day!" and then went on to associate "columbus" with having "discovered america." what a trip. i thought the notion of a european "discovering" a place already inhabited by millions was rather passe, like so-last-century. apparently, berman (who's known for adding in clever middle names to players' names) didn't get the memo. and i guess he's never heard the bureau of brady braves' friend's call for changing "columbus day" to "stolen land day." maybe frybread man can "chief noc-a-homa" (going ol' school here for those keeping score with pop culture references) some sense into the baseball-announcing berman.

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