22 October 2007

this just in: Real Native Defeats Psuedo-"Indians"

after the red sox were down three games to one in the american league championship series, i predicted they'd come back and knock out those pseudo-athletic "indians." sure enough, last night, the boston red sox defeated the wahoo-logo-wearing cleveland "indians" 11-2 in game 7. and guess who assisted in that KO? red sox outfielder jacob ellsbury, a real native, a dineh/navajo. when asked why one should cheer for the sox, blogger pepe lepew's top reason was, "The Red Sox have an Indian on their roster, not on their hat." well said, mr. lepew (who also reported that foxnews.com had a headline on oct 17 reading "Indians Scalp Red Sox").

and another twist? a 1675 law banned real Native Peoples from entering boston, and the law was never repealed. finally, in 2005, politicians voted to repeal the archaic law. that's good news for ellsbury.

wonder, though, if boston could replace the law with a new ban, one which keeps out bad redfaced impersonations of "indians," like "chief wahoo" with his grinning pearly whites? (man, the bureau of brady braves ain't ever known an indian with such white teeth! that's what i told a dental assistant once a couple of years ago when she had me reclined in the chair for a teeth cleaning, and there above me on the ceiling? a giant "chief wahoo" poster. yet another way to get kids to relax in the dentist's chair, eh? but at whose expense?)

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Pepe Lepew said...

Thanks for the link. Jacoby Ellsbury is in the Sox starting line-up for the World Series. Did you hear everyone in the country gets free tacos at Taco Bell Oct. 30 because Jacoby Ellsbury stole a base Thursday night?