30 May 2008

Whirling Rainbows, Twirling Frauds

calling all brady braves ... a new brady bravin' leader has arrived: White Eagle Woman aka the less colorful-animalistic-gendered Rachel Holwarth (a self-proclaiming Seneca. too bad the real Senecas don't recognize her, ennit?) ... according to http://whirlingrainbow.com/whiteeagle.htm, Rachel, er, White "is the director and drum keeper of the International GrandMother Drum Peace Project. She is an international shamanic healer, seer and performance artist." and for the low, low cost of $3, 665 and a 100 cents, you can whirl with the rainbows from Loveland, Colorado, to Vancouver Island, Canada, for a "transformational journey with all venues, weekends and healing sessions of our five month tour." (bbb editor's note: unlike the whirling rainbow site, we don't place three 6's next to each other.) oh, but that cost was pre-february 8. however, you can check White out at different tour stops. ("white-out" to describe a self-proclaiming Seneca? like the picture below, that's brady bravin' clever and revealing, ennit?)
now, it's time for the bradylicious ethnic fraud test. Angela Gonzales, Hopi, defines ethnic fraud as “the deliberate falsification or changing of ethnic identities in an attempt to achieve personal advantage or gain.” White Eagle falsifying? White Eagle changing ethnic identities (we hear she's claimed to be Jewish instead of Seneca, too, to fit a gig's situation)? White Eagle charging $$ for "spirituality"? ergo, White Eagle = Ethnic Fraud. (yes, sometimes tests can be as groovy as watching Greg Brady morph into and out of the Johnny Bravo persona.)

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Rob said...

Good posting. I wrote about White Eagle in No Peace for White Eagle.