01 May 2008

Woody and Wilcox Return

okay, a very short hiatus since posting yesterday, but here's a quick follow-up to the Anchorage DJs story: "Two Alaska radio DJs apologized repeatedly on Wednesday for making derogatory remarks about Alaska Native women. Woody and Wilcox from KBFX 100.5 were back on the air after being suspended for the remarks on their April 9 show." check this Anchorage Daily News article for more elaborate discussion.

may those hurt by their earlier sickening comments be healed, may these DJs learn, and may listeners who still don't get what the fuss is about finally understand what the "fuss"is about ... like Joe Garcia, NCAI Prez, said recently, "As is the case when comments like these are made, someone will inevitably come to the defense of those who made them asking where our sense of humor has gone. I have yet to hear from an American Indian or Alaska Native who sees humor in these insulting and derogatory remarks."

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