11 June 2008

givers to indians ...

Winona LaDuke (Anishinaabeg) is scheduled to be on Colbert Report (Comedy Central) thursday night at 10:30 Oklahoma time.

National Native News reported june 11 that an organization is donating $1.22 million to 209 tribal libraries for resource enhancement. good to hear of building up resources to reach Native Peoples. but following the mathematics smarts of mike brady [all brady braves know mike's an architect when he's not being an expert on "indians" in the grand canyon], that's around $5,834 for each library, barely enough for the complete brady bravin' DVD collection, a Whirling Rainbow gathering, day-old frybread, and a box of Red Men Club ballpoint pens, ennit? (had to mention the pens as one of our brady bravers apparently used one with "Red Men Club" printed on it to sign a restuarant receipt yesterday.)

will any of those libraries purchase CDs by the Turtle Island Quartet in hopes of hearing Native-authored classical sounds? as stated on the Quartet's site, "Its [group's] name derived from creation mythology found in Native American Folklore, the Turtle Island Quartet, since its inception in 1985, has been a singular force in the creation of bold, new trends in chamber music for strings." but the main "Native" thing happening here is found through appropriation of the name "Turtle Island." (looks like Turtle Island Foods enjoys playing with "Indian" names, too.)

for Indigenous classical, the Bureau of Brady Braves highly recommends instead Brent Michael Davids (Mohican).

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