18 June 2008

Stephen Colbert: "1/13 Chickasaw" yet not enrolled to be the Biggest Loser

brady bravers ... if ya didn't catch Winona LaDuke last week on The Colbert Report, check it out at http://www.comedycentral.com/colbertreport/videos.jhtml?videoId=173622 ... you can see that the self-identifying "1/13th Chickasaw" Stephen Colbert received a fitting Ojibwe nickname from LaDuke: "giboodiyez," translated into English as "smarty pants." [our brady bravin' spelling is likely incorrect, though we did attempt to locate the term in our handy copy of A Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe. closest word we saw was giboodiyegwaazon, or pants.]

Colbert (who, incidentally, played an anti-Indian teacher in a "playing Indian" episode of Strangers with Candy a few years back) closed the segment with satirically calling the Indigenous-activist-Harvard-educated LaDuke an "oppressed elitist" ... (looks like Colbert got elitism confused with those intellectual Harvard Class of '08 snobs/graduates who recently de-intellectually snubbed their commencement speaker J.K. Rowling) ... perhaps LaDuke, who was momentarily at a loss for words, could have chimed back with Harvard's initial founding as being an educational institution for Indians? ... or just simply remind him that he's a "giboodiyez."

speaking of pants, did ya hear about the current recruitment efforts for a "Native American" to be dropping pant sizes on the next season of the TV show Biggest Loser? (and you compained about lack of representations of Ind'ns on American television?! shame ...) man, of all the shows out there, we're talking Biggest Loser? don't sound like much competition for John Redcorn or Adam Beach's character on Law and Order: SVU ...

speaking of Beach, he was on Ellen last year ... an interview in which not one direct mention of Beach's Indigenous-ness was included, even during his discussion of his role as Ira Hayes in Flags of our Fathers ... yet Colbert repeatedly focused on LaDuke's Ind'nness, attempting to have her be a spokesperson for all Ind'ns ... interesting dichotomy of interview approaches there ...

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