10 September 2008

attn: pseudo-Indian actors named "Sammy"

heya, brady braves ... google "native american sitcom" right now and here are your Top 5 hits:

5) a definition of "sitcom," along with a supposed Seneca "Native American" proverb thrown in down the page: "He who would do great things should not attempt them all alone."

4) a casting call for an indy sitcom pilot in ny with "[p]ossible pay and future roles if the pilot goes to series" ... besides looking for a "Mr Falafel: A Pakistani character destined to become the breakout star," the company's searching for a Native character: "Sammy: Sammy is a Native American chain smoker, ex-heavy drinker with a stuttering problem. Sammy enjoys chain-smoking, reminiscing about drinking red wine in unconventional manners, and stuttering" ... uplifting and inspirational, ennit? so, move over John Redcorn--here comes Sammy the Indian who "enjoys ... stuttering" and sharing stories of ("unconventional") alcoholism while smoking off-brand Marlboros? based on "Indians"-in-comedic-TV history, look for CBS to pick this one up ...

3) bronze medal goes to a 2008 article in the journal American Indian Quarterly by one of the brady bravin' leaders of this site ...

2 and 1) sherman alexie's entertainingly critical "sit-com american" interview with npr, an excerpt of which is included at the start of the aforementioned AIQ article ...

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Nathan said...

Hey DT,

This reminds me of Edward Abbey’s *Desert Solitaire* where the main character, Abbey, is preparing to hike a peak the next day. He is getting ready to bed down and retrieves a bottle of sweet red wine and proceeds to get “Navajo Drunk” --whatever that is.

It looks like the script writer for the pilot is treading in familiar water, where instead of crafting interesting characters, is relying upon the perception that American viewers are interested in seeing more stereotypes—ahh, thatsa spicy meat-a-ball; thank you, come again! It’s so funny because that guy sounds and looks different from me!

Insults for everyone!