25 September 2008

Heya Silver: It's Tonto Scissorhands ...

heya, brady braves ... reports coming in that johnny depp, one of the bureau's favs in hollywood, is set to play jack sparrow again in pirates 4 and the mad hatter in a tim burton version of alice in wonderland ... but check this out, courtesy of MTV in the UK:

"Mr. Depp has signed up for a big screen adaptation of The Lone Ranger that will be produced by Pirates producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Alas, Johnny won’t be rocking a white cowboy hat, he’s set for the role of trusty sidekick Tonto. Depp’s grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee and Johnny’s embraced his native American roots before in his self directed movie The Brave."

besides offering us further support for our theory (that all the world's, indeed, a cherokee), the report reminds us of one of the much stronger films in the '90s: jim jarmusch's dead man (surely, you weren't thinking dances with wolves), starring depp as white character William Blake and Cayuga actor gary farmer as the indigenous Nobody ... perhaps farmer will re-appear as a pseudo-lone ranger in whitefaced disguise and take out the subservient tonto once and for all? or perhaps this big-screen take, which i hear may be an origin story [as solid as the origin story in batman begins?], will re-envision the lone ranger-tonto relationship through a decolonial framework? oh wait ... nevermind--it's being overseen by Walt Disney Studios ...

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Rob said...

Good one!

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